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Bridal gowns

Wedding dress and its role in the successful bridal image.

Let’s miss all the epithets, which can characterize the most important gown in your life and go to the practical advices.

Being a child, we imagine ourselves in a white dress, very fluffy, with a corset   emphasizing a slender waist, but in reality this variant doesn’t approach for everyone. And the colour doesn’t   necessarily have to be snowy white, but quite the reverse; it’s desired the colour to be milk, ivory with a pearl shine.

Choose just the one silhouette which fits you.  Forget about the corset if it doesn’t drag away a waist, but overtighten it.

Because, in this case some elements of the corset can be spoiled and the overall look won’t satisfy you.

The length of the fluffy dress should be a couple centimetres above the floor for you to dance and walk easily.

If there is a train, it should have a special train bustle. Of course, you can find a lot of gowns with beautiful stretching trains, but generally, they can be used only during the ceremony.  Such kind of dress is not convenient for dancing and it’s better to change it into the informal, slighter one.

If you have a youthful student wedding party, choose a cocktail or a knee length dress without any hesitation.  It’ll be very comfortable for you, besides you’ll have an opportunity to boast of your beautiful legs and won’t get tired of petticoats and tulle skirts.

If you have a neat figure close to the ideal – your choice is the “Mermaid”. Let everyone envy looking at your slender waist and distinct hips. Generally, all brides start their search with this wedding dress style, but then thanks to the consultants, they create their wedding image. We are always glad to consult you. Especially, that wedding fashion has been varying for several seasons.

All the wedding dress styles are in trend. The leading Fashion Houses propose such palette of colours in which you can choose the one fits you most.  With fabrics is the same: chantilly, lace, atlas, tulle – all are actual.

The most important is to find your own image, to add the accessories, to choose comfortable shoes and don’t forget a good mood. If your eyes are full of happiness and love – you are already a beauty.

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